1M3: 12 Frames by Nathan Ishar & Sofie Frederix

29.01.21 — 22.04.21

The ( ) where you thought
The ( ) where I write
The walked a straight line
The ( ) where we met
— Kasper Andreasen, Moment’s notice, 2007

12 frames invites you to enter and unfinished story- board to a no person’s land through images and language.  Similar to a fragmented film, an imaginary walk in nature unfolds, without a sense of direction. This display reassembles pages selected from photography and poetry books out of the artists’ books collection of Kunstenbibliotheek.

1m3 is one cubic meter dedicated to the artists’ book collection of Kunstenbibiotheek. For the occasion Nathan Ishar & Sofie Frederix joined forces and made a special selection based on aspects that intertwine their curatorial practice.

Monday—Friday, 8:30—18:30

Partners: Kunstenbibliotheek at KASK& Conservatorium
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