Performance Archive Radio 

“Performance Archive Radio” is a podcast series created as part of the masterclass “performance, archive, collection” led by choreographer Ula Sickle within the frame of “Museum for a Small City, Rebuild” by visual artist Richard Venlet and hosted by S.M.A.K Museum Ghent, KASK Curatorial Studies and LUCA School of Art, Brussels.

Episode 1
Armadillo at The Red Gate: a story of one performance
By Ekaterina Vorontsova

Episode 2
Retracing the Performance Klub. Indonesia at Europalia 2017
by Nathan Ishar

Episode 3
by Julie Wyckaert and Sofie Frederix

Episode 4
The Boxer
By Marion Adrian

Listen to the podcast via SoundCloud. 

With thanks to Marion Adrian, Sofie Frederix, Laura Herman, Tanja Boon, Arezoo Khazanbeig, Nathan Ishar, Ula Sickle, Anna Stoppa, Veronique van Bever, Liesje Vandenbroeck, Richard Venlet, Ekaterina Vorontsov, Julie Wyckaert.
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