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Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

Curatorial Lecture: Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

Thursday 26 November 2020, 20:00 (CET)⁠

In this lecture Lamarche-Vadel will look back at RIBOCA2, an exhibition which was from its inception built on the theme of the end of a world. Initially supposed to open from May to October 2020, the project went through major transformations due to the pandemic. Opened to the public for only 3 weeks in August 2020, the show was also transformed into a film set. Taking place in a 200,000 square meters abandoned territory in Riga, it was imagined as a drift and an odyssey. Spanning through former industrial sites, wastelands, toxic grounds and flourishing ecosystems, the exhibition was an invitation to think about the art of living on a damaged planet. Lamarche-Vadel will share the experience of preparing the major international exhibition, the decision of opening the show despite a very precarious situation, and the process of rethinking the whole project, both as an exhibition and a feature film.

Lamarche-Vadel graduated in Art History, History and Political Science at La Sorbonne, in Paris. She began her career in 2008 at the Ministry of Culture, then at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris as a conservation assistant From 2009 to 2012 she lived in Berlin and participated in numerous independent projects, together with institutional shows such as the prospective exhibition "Based in Berlin" (2011). In 2012, she was appointed curator at Palais de Tokyo, where she lead major projects such as the recent carte blanche to Tomás Saraceno, "ON AIR" (2018). She has also curated the carte blanche to Tino Sehgal (2016), Marguerite Humeau's "FOXP2" (2016), Ed Atkins' "Bastards" (2014) and the group exhibition "The Edge of the Worlds" (2015), among others In 2017, she was appointed co-curator of the exhibition "Voyage d'Hiver" at the Château de Versailles. She has collaborated on many occasions with international institutions such as MoMa PS1, the Stedelijk Museum and Nottingham Contemporary. Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel is the Director of Lafayette Anticipations Foundation, in Paris. She is also the curator of the 2020 edition of the Riga Biennale (RIBOCA2), and co-director of the feature film "and suddenly it all blossoms", to be premiered in 2021.

Cecilia Alemani

Cecilia Alemani: Art in Unconventional Spaces

Thursday 29 October 2020, 20:00 (CEST)

Please join us for the second Curatorial Lecture in the 2020-2021 series on the theme of "Working with Space" by ⁠ Cecilia Alemani. The lecture will be held online on Thursday 29 October at 20h (CET)⁠

During this online-lecture Cecilia Alemani will examine some case studies taken from her personal experience of curating ar projects in unconventional art spaces, like the High Line in New York, the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires, and others. Besides practical challenges, leaving the classical white-cube also brings ethical and conceptual difficulties with it: For who are you curating and which work do you show how?
Cecilia Alemani is an Italian curator based in New York. Currently, Alemani is the Artistic Director of the upcoming 59th International Art Exhibition (2022) in Venice. Alemani is the Donald R. Mullen, Jr. Director and Chief Curator of High Line Art, the public art program presented by the non-profit organization Friends of the High Line in New York City. She is also the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Since 2012, she has commissioned and curated public art projects on the High Line by over two hundred artists. For the Italian Pavilion, she organized the exhibition Il mondo magico, featuring new commissions by Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Roberto Cuoghi and Adelita Husni-Bey. Throughout her career, Alemani has collaborated with many museums, institutions, and foundations, and has also pursued more unconventional projects with non-profits and informal organizations; and as an independent curator, she has organized numerous exhibitions in museums, non-profit spaces, and galleries. Alemani worked as guest curator for the performance art biennial Performa 11. She is the co-founder of No Soul For Sale, a festival of independent spaces, non-profit organizations, and artist collectives which took place at X Initiative in June 2009 and at Tate Modern. From January 2009 to February 2010, she served as Curatorial Director of X Initiative, New York, a year-long experimental non-profit space in Chelsea.


Curatorial Lectures 2020-21

Each academic year, S.M.A.K., Ghent University and Curatorial Studies at KASK-School of Arts Ghent co-organise the prestigious Curatorial Lectures series, presented by renowned curatorial practitioners in relation to a specific theme Following "Working with Artists" (2017-18), "Learning from Artists" (2018-19), and “Working with Collections" (2019-20), this year's theme “Working with Space” addresses the curatorial challenges working across various modes of space (including the physical, digital, performative, discursive, social, transcultural, glocal), taking into account the perils and possibilities of the “post-pandemic” / “new normal” sphere of exhibition-making.

Past speakers in the Curatorial Lectures series have included Mathieu Copeland, Anthony Huberman, Jean-Hubert Martin, Chus Martínez, Gabi Ngcobo, Susanne Pfeffer, Nicolaus Schafhausen and Adam Szymczyk. 

Sanneke Stigter

Sanneke Stigter appointed guest lecturer at KASK & Conservatory Ghent

6 October 2020

Sanneke Stigter, assistant professor in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage has been appointed guest lecturer for the postgraduate programme Curatorial Studies at KASK & Conservatory Ghent. Stigter’s appointment paves the way for a more long-term collaboration, specifically between Ghent’s Curatorial Studies programme and the UvA’s Contemporary Art specialisation, which is part of the Master’s in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

The Ghent programme in Curatorial Studies is leading in Europe in this discipline and features a broad range of skills related to curating, conservation, exhibition history and theory, and building collections. Stigter will be teaching the module Conservation: Curatorial Aspects. She explains that the practices of conservation and curating converge during the installation of complex works of art. Thus, it is crucial for the conservation and identity of works of art that these two intertwined museum practices share a mutual understanding. The new collaboration between the UvA’s Contemporary Art specialisation and Ghent’s Curatorial Studies programme will allow students to get to know each other’s work and research at an early stage.

Laura Herman (c) Thomas Nolf

Laura Herman will coordinate Curatorial Studies and MA Fine Arts (08.09.20)

From September 2020, Laura Herman will be the new course director of the postgraduate Curatorial Studies programme and the coordinator of the MA Fine Arts Master in Visual Arts programme at KASK & Conservatory. She will take over from Antony Hudek, who has become director of the museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, and from Simon Delobel, who is now director of KIOSK. With the arrival of Laura Herman, both graduate programmes are embarking on a promising new chapter.

Laura Herman (°1988, Brussels) is a curator, writer and editor. Previously, Herman served as a curator at La Loge in Brussels, a space dedicated to contemporary art, architecture, and theory, where she curated ‘Learning from Artemisia’ by Uriel Orlow, ‘Palais de Justice’ by Carey Young, ‘Despina’ by Zoë Paul, among other projects. She was editor of De Witte Raaf, a bimonthly art journal distributed in Belgium and The Netherlands. Between 2018 and 2020 Herman was curator of ‘The New Sanctuary’, the 12th Satellite programme at Jeu de Paume in Paris, CAPC in Bordeaux, and the Museo Amparo de Puebla in Mexico. She is a theory tutor at the department of Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, co-editor of The Floor is Uneven. Does It Slope? (Mousse Publishing, 2019) and co-author of publications including Herewith the Clues (Sternberg Press, 2019) and Experience Traps (Motto Distribution, 2018). Herman received an MA from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York, in 2016, and an MA in Comparative Modern Literature from Ghent University in 2010.

Laura Herman: 'I look forward to contributing to the further development and internationalisation of the Curatorial Studies and Fine Arts programmes of KASK Conservatorium – School of Arts in a close and constructive dialogue with Ghent University and S.M.A.K. (Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent). As we look ahead to a 'new normal', an opportunity presents itself to look at the world openly again; to focus our attention on what is desirable, rather than return to predetermined formats and fixed habits of mind. I believe we can offer students a versatile and challenging platform that invites critical reflection on artistic and curatorial practices. By drawing on the expertise of a broad and diverse network of cultural practitioners, I hope that these practices will be able to develop to their full potential.'

Lars Kwakkenbos: 'Over the past years Laura has developed an impressive career in the art world, both in Belgium and beyond. She knows our school inside out and her personal interests and ambitions match remarkably well with ours. We are looking forward to writing a new chapter together in our story of Curatorial Studies and our Master of Fine Arts. The synergy of those two challenges is promising and will embed Curatorial Studies in the artistic field of Ghent in a sustainable way, in an open dialogue with the partners of Curatorial Studies, i.e. Ghent University and S.M.A.K.'

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