Curatorial Studies

Hannah Keirse

1999, Belgium

Hannah Keirse holds a master's in Engineering: Architecture at the University of Ghent. Her master's subject was Urban Design and Architecture, and she followed various art-related courses from her programme and the Bachelor of Arts. Therefore, her master thesis was about the interconnection between art and architecture and how this is related to the bigger scale of the city. It came about as a result of her Erasmus experience in Milan where she studied at the Politecnico di Milano. She took the opportunity to research various contemporary art institutions in the city. By living in Milan and working in these institutions, she recognised how every art institution works in a particular way and attracts different audiences. However, she also realised how they could be complementary. Besides, the social aspect and the collaboration of various disciplines play a significant role for her. Her interest in architecture in the broader field motivated her to enrol on the Curatorial Studies programme and deepen her knowledge about the cultural field and how people experience our world and in particular art projects and exhibitions that can be related to our society.

This year (2022), she will conduct research for the non-profit organisation Zonnelied (facilitation for people with a disability) which houses a collection of artworks and imagines a space to exhibit the works. This will be under the supervision of professor Wouter Davidts (who established the interdisciplinary research group KB45) while coworking with a colleague who graduated in the Master of Arts. With the curatorial program and the research project, her ambition is to see her interest in the interconnection between art, architecture and the broader social field flourish.