Curatorial Studies

Image by Benina Hu

Dajo Van den Bussche

1998, Belgium

Dajo Van den Bussche is a visual artist and curator based in Ostend, Belgium. He studied photography at Sint Lukas in Brussels for five years before obtaining his master’s degree in 2022. Ever since the beginning of his studies, Van den Bussche started organising small-scale exhibitions and happenings with co-founded Backlight Collective, while also participating in communication and PR- related internships at various institutions, venues, and fairs such as Mu.Zee, BruthausGallery, and Art Rotterdam. He later also co-founded vandenbussche-vandenbossche, which specialises in exhibition photography and art reproductions, and now works as a post-production assistant at Hugard & Vanoverschelde. Visiting an array of exhibitions through the role of a photographer and editor, Van den Bussche became increasingly attentive to institutional questioning and so doing naturally found his way towards the curatorial field. With specific concerns around public space and industrial functionality and representation, he most recently invited a multidisciplinary group of artists exhibiting both site-specific works as well as pre-existing works to take part in the musical program and semi-outdoor group exhibition curated by Van den Bussche at Konvooi festival in Bruges.