Curatorial Studies

Hugo Roger


Hugo Roger graduated from the MA Visual Arts & Design program at ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels), specializing in Type Media. Subsequently, he worked with French designer Philippe Apeloig in New York City, collaborating on various projects with other cultural entities and organizations such as SUN Publishing, Small Editions, Nicole Kaack, and Studio Lin. These diverse experiences and interactions motivated him to shift his focus towards more independent and collaborative ventures.

Upon returning to Brussels, he embarked on creating a unique framework for his work, emphasizing collaborations in book form. His collaborations with emerging local artists and creators paved the way for the establishment of an editorial design structure that offers opportunities and a platform for initial publications named Page Works Studio.

As he becomes more involved in promoting and mentoring proposals, particularly those related to camera-based art projects, he continues to contribute to the development of dialogues and research in this field. His approach involves areas of juxtaposition, and emerging subjectivities resulting from unexpected encounters, serving as bridges and gateways between individuals and worlds.