Curatorial Studies

Ismini Kyritsis

°1993, Greece

Ismini Kyritsis was born and raised in Greece. She has a background
in Theatre and holds a dual degree in Archaeology and Art History
from the National and Kapodistian University of Athens. In 2023
she completed her master’s in Museums and Collections at Leiden
University, where she focused her research on contemporary collecting
and exhibition strategies, as well as the implementation of digital
technologies in educational and cultural institutions. Her master’s
years led to her thesis: “Rapid Response Collecting during COVID.
A new path in Museums’ identity?”, which explored the impact of the
pandemic and the extensive investment in contemporary collecting in
museums’ collecting strategies.
During 2021 and 2023 she participated in a research project in
hybrid education at Leiden University, the WARCnet project (Aarhus
University) with the publication “Exploring special web archive
collections related to COVID-19: The Dutch Web archive (KB)” as
well as in the Museums Collections and Society symposium (Leiden
University) with the presentation Social Media as Museum object.
Additionally, she was involved in the educational department of the
Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, conducting research in the application of theatrical techniques in the museum’s educational activities and
co-developing digital tours as part of the pilot programme Connecting Museums
and Collections.
In 2022, she worked on the CD-ROM project at Mediamatic in Amsterdam.
During the project, she conducted research and documentation of Mediamatic’s
CD-ROM art collection including, amongst others, works from Gerald van
der Kaap and JODI and worked in the planning of the exhibition “All senses
Operative: BlindRom x Chill Cave”. The exhibition presented BlindRom, the
first interactive magazine in the form of a CD-ROM created by Gerald van der
Kaap, together with the installation Chill Cave by the same artist, offering a
unique experience in the first experiments with digital interactivity and immersive
environments during the 90s’.