Curatorial Studies

Justine McKenna

Justine Mckenna

°1995, Canada

Always interested in the occult and what lies beyond, my personal practice delves into the unseen, be it metaphysical, psychological or cultural. Embarking on projects that embrace a multidisciplinary approach, my main focus involves socio-political issues of today’s world in correspondence to a more ancient form of magickal knowledge. My academic journey has fostered a profound appreciation for cultural production’s connection to society. With a Bachelor in Art History and Philosophy from Concordia University, I gained a holistic grasp of art history and its analytical methods. I have recently graduated with a Master in Cultural Studies at KU Leuven and further honed my critical thinking, exploring contemporary cultural theories and interdisciplinary viewpoints. My career journey has deepened my understanding of the arts’ societal impact. For example, as an events coordinator for Yiara Magazine, I organized artistic and feminist events, using innovative strategies for audience engagement. Furthermore, my internship at Kunsthal Gent strengthened my commitment to curatorial practices, enhancing my event management and coordination skills. Apart from my academic and professional background, I am always curious about exploring the interstices or fringes of our socio-cultural fabric. During my stay in Brussels, I constantly enjoy participating in ephemeral artistic/ musical events and try to sustain such liminal places as they are inherent to questioning/ dismantling any dogmatic systems of thought.