Curatorial Studies

Lisa Verhaeghe

°1997, Belgium

Lisa Verhaeghe, currently working in special youth care, where she guides children placed by the juvenile court due to unsafe home situations, aspires to become a curator. Inspired by people, she aims to tell their stories through exhibitions with the goal of strengthening the connection between the artist and the audience. Her background in humanities is her asset in this field. Over the years, she has gained experience primarily in the theater, fashion, and photography worlds. This practical experience has taught her how to network and collaborate with a diverse group of individuals in the cultural sector. Art, for her, is a cultural phenomenon that connects people. Her creativity and independence have been reinforced by the unique combination of work in the healthcare sector and the cultural sector. She is a critical thinker who consistently conducts thorough research, with an eye for detail and a talent for transparent and tactful communication. Her passion for visual art was ignited by artists like David Altmedj and Adrien Miller, who blend the everyday human with the supernatural. She also admires the autodidact Fred Gata, skilled in various disciplines, as well as Yves Klein, who expresses his reverence for the human body in unparalleled simplicity. She admires Nathan Preston for his ability to portray both clarity and the enigmatic nature of humanity. Additionally, she is captivated by the rebellious art of CB Hoyo and Damien Hirst, with CB Hoyo candidly portraying human flaws. She hopes to expand her knowledge and network to create powerful exhibitions that evoke emotions in viewers.