Curatorial Studies

Image by Benina Hu

Milana Starklova

1997, Kyrgyzstan/ Belgium

Milana Starklova is a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. For the past five years, she has studied visual arts with a focus on photography. During these years, she focused mainly on themes of immigration, trauma and social-political issues as she and her mother immigrated to Belgium when she was a child. In 2000, they immigrated from Kyrgyzstan, which made an impact on her family and served as a big inspiration for her artistic practice. In the last two years, she shifted her focus to video and sound installations, and with a hint of the ‘still image’ her work became more poetic. When she’s not working at her student jobs or on assignments, she enjoys reading, swimming, city trips and an occasional glass of wine. Since her interest in making art shifted to representing art and bringing it out to the world, she decided to go for an additional degree in the art field.