Curatorial Studies

Curatorial Workshop

Vandenhove Collection

Each year participants in the Curatorial Studies program engage with a selection of artworks from the Vandenhove collection. Through the application of various curatorial strategies, the group collaborates to formulate a proposal that unveils diverse meanings and qualities within this eclectic collection. This exercise is an integral part of the Graduation course, designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to curate an exhibition at Kunsthal Ghent.

VANDENHOVE is an interfaculty study center in which the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning (FEA) and the Department of Art, Music and Theater Studies (FLW) work together for education and research in the field of architecture and the arts. The central focus is the study of art collections, exhibition history, and exhibition architecture. The Vandenhove collection and the university patrimony form the basic material for the preparation and realization of study exhibitions.