Curatorial Studies

Masterclass: Art in Public Space

Komplot, Anderlecht



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'What is the role of ‘art in the public space’? How does it find its place within communities? What role does the local environment play in shaping artistic practices, and vice versa?

In pursuit of its mission to disseminate contemporary art and contemplate its economic and social relevance, Komplot, in collaboration with Curatorial Studies KASK, Ghent, and CARE Arba-Esa Brussels, is orchestrating a three-part masterclass centered on art in public space.

These sessions will not only delve into inquiries surrounding heritage, preservation, urban development, and mediation but also explore the engagement with public spaces by minority groups, the reinterpretation of specific artworks and architectural structures, the mobilization of artists within the cultural framework of a particular region, and our responsibilities in the face of gentrification and its implications for our curatorial endeavors.

In the initial segment, curators Koi Persyn and Pauline Salinas guided us through the Anderlecht neighborhood, showcasing artworks and addressing the challenges encountered in that locale.