Curatorial Studies


Curated by Josue Aliendre Carvani, Natalia Barczyńska and Valentina Bianchi


iMAL, Brussels

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(un)common grounds is the result of a collaboration between students from the Curatorial Studies programme at KASK School of Arts. Inspired by the common trajectories shared by iMAL, Werktank and Overtoon, which focus on research, experimentation, and production processes, the exhibition takes as its framework the different states of creation and their subsequent transformations. These experiences emerge in three parallel and overlapping paths. The first, ‘TESTING GROUND’ brings together two artists by giving them the space to develop ideas and present them in multiple moments in different modalities throughout the exhibition. The second, ‘THE GROUND OF PRESENCE’ incorporates works that revolve around the alteration of perception in the spectators, manipulating their senses. Lastly, ‘VIRTUAL GROUND’ allows the exhibition to extend beyond its physical limitations into a limitless void. Through the display of artwork and the related public program (un)common grounds unveils underestimated aspects of artistic production and challenges conventional ways of exhibition making.

Artists: Line Boogaerts, Marijn Bril, Pierre Coric, Anna Godzina, Laurie-Anne Jaubert, Amber Meulenijzer, Vica Pacheco, Hussein Shikha, Stijn Wybouw