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Photography and Socials

Nowadays, contemporary art and the curatorial rely heavily on visual communication. Conveying information about the artworks on display to different audiences, from marketing, educational brochures, exhibition identities, catalogues, social media and online presence, is essential to supporting contemporary art display. Many artists build typography and graphic design production into their work. Understanding how to commission designers is critical to good curatorial practice. Photo and social media with Nathan Ishar Images, moving, as well as still, are integral to communicate on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. To communicate exhibitions and events, social media has become essential for institutions. During this masterclass we will discuss what makes a good image in the context of art institutions, what to consider when taking and selecting them, how one can employ images online and what else to consider when publishing them. After an introduction on creation and selecting images, taking into consideration specific necessities of different social media platforms, we will take images at SMAK, edit them and prepare them for publication. Bringing any smartphone which has a camera (a digital camera and a laptop or your preferred tool for image making and editing) is encouraged to benefit from the practical part.

Commissioning (graphic) designers with Sara De Bondt

In this class, we will analyse selected examples of graphic design in the context of exhibitions. We will also discuss how to commission 2D and 3D designers, from budgeting to contracts and production schedules.